January 14, 2022


2443 users, 2221 projects, 1169 comments

Not too bad for a side project ;) has been up for nearly 3 years. I launched the first version of site during the summer before my freshman year of college as a hobby project which stemmed from a post I made on Reddit about a half-baked site that was dedicated to sharing side projects. It definitely grew quite a bit since then (albeit not as much as I had hoped, but it’s still growth nonetheless).

That said, I formally stopped working on it in March 2021 but decided to keep the site online to allow people to keep posting their projects with the hope that someone more dedicated would be willing to take over. That clearly hasn’t happened and I no longer feel the site is worth me keeping online as the quality of content has also declined overall in recent months.

I want to be able to dedicate more time to other side projects, mind the pun, that I’m more interested in working on. Recently that’s been Retro, but there’s a couple other ideas that I’ve had.

To the thousands of you that have visited, commented, posted, etc: thank you. The site would be nothing without the projects and content you have shared as well as the feedback you have given each other.

To Tyk: It was a pleasure working with you all and I am forever grateful for your sponsorship and I genuinely enjoyed working with you and helping the Side Project Fund.

I’d also like to thank Donji, who actually helped orchestrate the site’s redesign & helped build up the community in the earlier days :)


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