Sakun Acharige

software engineering & design.
passionate about crafting user experiences that are simple, elegant, and intuitive


Design System for building retro Apple interfaces

App Iconography

Retro Music Player app icon

App icon for Petbook App for my COP4331c project @ UCF.

App icon for polaroid camera app simulator

Icon for System.css

App icon for my group's Senior Design Project @ UCF: Illuminate.

Just shapes, nothing else.


UI Sketch of minimalistic Twitter Client


Simple Hugo theme for personal sites & portfolios

Front image

Retro Music Player

iPod Classic experience for iOS & Android

Retro Shuffle & Nano

iPod Concepts for WatchOS

My Dog - Polacam Preview

Shot on my Polaroid emulator app, Polacam

Classic Camera

Figma Concept


Pocket Vinyl Player for iOS & Android. Coming 2023.