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software engineer & designer building joyful apps


an updated iPod Classic experience for iPhone

Download (beta)

see your life flash before your eyes. a collaboration with @laurentdelrey

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Onboarding Prototype for Slingshot

explored ways to make the pull down stretchy, inspired by the telegram goo. didn't make the cut

Gyro Indicator (drumroll)

a cute lil animation to show users that they can tilt their phones for a more immersive experience.

Rotary Phone

built with SwiftUI to resemble the experience of having a rotary dial in place of the keypad on the phone app.

Back of an iPod

built with UIKit to represent the back mirror plate of an iPod Classic 6th gen.

Messaging Prototype for Slingshot

tested out different ways to incorporate messaging/captions in Slingshots.

Lockparty (Wellnest)

create beautiful live wallpaper grids for your lockscreen.


iPad cursor library for web, unreleased.


Design Engineer, Match Group

Founding Engineer, Wellnest

Design Intern, Kickback

Feb '24 - Now

Jun - Sept '23

Feb - Nov '20


BSCS, University of Central Florida

2019 - 2023