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comp sci. student & visual design enthusiast

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  • Hello World?

    Nov 25, 2021

    I’ve been meaning to make a portfolio/personal site for a while now but could never bring myself to do it because the stuff out there for making these kinds of sites just suck.

Selected Works


Design System for building retro Apple interfaces

I've been obsessed with the aesthetic of a lot of older interfaces, so I launched System.css. It's a tiny CSS library that allows you to build retro interfaces based on Apple's monochrome System OS, specifically System 6. I've tried to capture the elements of what I think made it so special.

Retro Music Player

iPod Classic experience for iPhone & Android

The iPod Classic was a delightful piece of hardware that helped shape the technology we have today. I've resurrected it as a mobile app and modernized it with Apple Music & Spotify support.

Retro was designed to allow users to customize and cater the experience to their liking. Try it here.

In May, 2022 I announced that I'd be restarting development on Retro from scratch. It has since been open-sourced.

Retro Nano

iPod Nano for Apple Watch

I designed and developed an Apple Watch app that resembled the iPod Nano 6th Gen. Due to certain limitations and while it's not complete, it's open source and has been a fun project to work on.


Pet tracking & diaries

For my final group project in my COP4331c (Processes for Object-Oriented Software Development) class @ UCF, I worked with a team of 6 others to develop a pet tracking website with a mobile extension.

The concept of the app was to allow pet owners to create pet profiles that generate QR dog-tags as a substitute for normal dog tags/microchipping. The QR tags can be placed on your pets collar, to which they can be scanned by anyone which will take you to a page containing more information about the dog, its owner––stuff you probably wouldn't be able to fit on a normal dog tag.

I was entirely responsible for building the mobile app in Flutter as well as the UI/UX and iconography.


Polaroid™ as a mobile-app concept

Design & Iconography: Sakun Acharige


A minimal Hugo Theme

I created an extremely minimalistic Hugo theme for personal sites & portfolios. It's extremely versatile and the theme for my current portfolio is a mere extension of it. It's also open-source.

Key Fob for Tesla

Tesla Watch app concept

I designed a watch app for Tesla in SwiftUI that would allow users to control their car from their wrist. It was inspired by the Apple Watch's ability to control music playback.

Work Experience
  • Quantum Lion Labs April - June 2021

    Built & Designed the website/CMS for Quantum Lion Labs and their upcoming VR experience, Kill The King

  • Kickback Feb - Nov. 2020 (defunct)

    Worked on social video app that allowed users to move around an interactive canvas. Helped develop and design the MVP using a Flutter front-end, Firebase backend and integrating Agora API for video streaming.

  • SideProjects (acq. 2022)

    Share side projects you're working on.

  • Indieseller (acq. 2020)

    Marketplace for selling small projects & domains

  • Read Shit Faster (defunct)

    Speed-reading tool I built in a weekend. Over 100k unique visitors, featured on ProductHunt, LifeHacker & Gizmodo