Sakun Acharige

comp sci. student & visual design enthusiast



CSS Library for building retro Apple UIs


iPod Classic simulator for iOS & Android.


Crafting a Polaroidâ„¢ experience for mobile

Open Source
  • Retro Reboot

    Open-Source iPod Classic simulator built with Flutter/Dart (WIP)

  • Retro Nano

    iPod Nano experience for Apple Watch in SwiftUI

  • Ember

    Hugo Theme for personal sites/portfolios (I'm using it right now)

  • SideProjects (acq. 2022)

    Share side projects you're working on.

  • Indieseller (acq. 2020)

    Marketplace for selling small projects & domains

  • Read Shit Faster (defunct)

    Speed-reading tool I built in a weekend. Over 100k unique visitors, featured on ProductHunt, LifeHacker & Gizmodo

Work Experience
  • Quantum Lion Labs April - June 2021

    Built & Designed the website/CMS for Quantum Lion Labs and their upcoming VR experience, Kill The King

  • Kickback Feb - Nov. 2020 (defunct)

    Worked on social video app that allowed users to move around an interactive canvas. Helped develop and design the MVP using a Flutter front-end, Firebase backend and integrating Agora API for video streaming.

  • Hello World?

    Nov 25, 2021

    I’ve been meaning to make a portfolio/personal site for a while now but could never bring myself to do it because the stuff out there for making these kinds of sites just suck.

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